Fishers in the snow: Living with divergences

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пятница, 31 января 2014 г.

Living with divergences


S. Weinberg wrote a paper "Living with infinities" devoted partially to the memory of Gunnar Källén. Also he outlined there his personal view on the problem of renormalization. Good for him.

I just take his title and refer to a movie clip where some live with divergences too. I rephrase L.J. Washington's sober words:

"It's a condition of mental divergence: we find ourselves in the Wilsonian world, being a part of intellectual elite and subjugating infinities. But even though the renormalization ideology is totally convincing for us in every way, nevertheless it is actually a construct of our psyche. We are mentally divergent. In that we escape certain unnamed realities that plague our lives here. When we stop appealing to it, we'll be well."


(Behind L. J. Washington someone resembling P. Dirac solves a puzzle.)

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